everyone – hope you are enjoying the summer, a time for many of us to relax and
reflect. As we look back over the year so far, we’d like to share with you what
the Spelthorne Schools’ Prayer Group have been up to.


Following the first successful event of this kind last year, we ran another just prior to Easter which
was attended by 25 young children and their families. Everyone thoroughly
enjoyed the fun-filled couple of hours in which the children participated in Easter
crafts, a puppet show and Easter Treasure Hunt, the afternoon concluding with a
tea. It was a delight to share the Easter message with the children and a
joy to hear them singing (with great gusto!) of God’s greatness and love for
them, being reminded that Jesus came, died and rose again to give all who
believe in Him, new life – something definitely to be thankful and joyful
about! The proceeds from the event went
into our Book Fund – more about that later!


This year the focus was on
three truths that Jesus said He is:

The Good Shepherd – He watches over us:
caring for us when we are in need.

The Way, the Truth and the Life – He guides us
along His path of wisdom, honesty and love.

The Light of the World – He rescues us
out of darkness so we can see and know our amazing God.

was e-mailed to each of our
nurseries/playgroups, schools and school-related organisations, together with an illustrated card assuring everyone we would be praying for them specifically during the designated fortnight. We
received some encouraging replies:

From the Head Teacher of a Primary School:
“I have printed this out for our Prayer Book that is shared by everyone.”

a local organisation, East to West, who have Relational Support Workers in all
of our Senior Schools: “
Thank you so much for your faithful, devoted support
of us and our schools in prayer. There is something amazing about the
knowledge that we are underpinned so beautifully. The team know that this
prayer changes things for us as we support vulnerable and at risk students in
both secondary and primary schools.

From one of the Relational
Support Workers: “
Thank you and your team for underpinning all our
work at East to West. You are such an encouragement! God richly reward
you for your faithfulness and dynamically answer those fantastic prayers and
vision for those 3 truths outlined.”

is always a real privilege to be invited into our schools to hold our meetings
and we decided to combine the Prayer for Schools Fortnight with a visit to
Laleham C.E. Primary School. The Head Teacher was extremely welcoming and keen
for us to plan a programme for the morning, thanking us for our faithful
praying for the school.
Members of the group just about fitting into the Prayer Hut! (Apologies for the side-wise photo!)

As you will see, they have a lovely Faith Corner in
their grounds and it was here we began our time. What a joy it was to
actually be able to interact with the lovely children who wrote out some
heart-felt prayers on the ‘prayer bunting’ we were able to display.

concluded the morning in the school library and prayed for various school
situations in all the schools we pray for, each situation being depicted by a
coloured tea light. We felt the different colours produced a
rainbow effect which reminded us that we are all different, unique and special,
and that God loves each and every one and has His perfect plan and purpose for
each child and adult alike. As the tea lights gave out their light, we
prayed that all those that feel they are in darkness, for whatever reason, will
come to know that Jesus is indeed the Light of the World and the darkness will
never ever overcome that one true light.

subsequently received the following from the Head Teacher:

was lovely to have you all and we are so grateful for your time in prayer for
us! You would be very welcome to visit again sometime, of course. Thanks
again for all your prayers.”

all felt greatly encouraged and immensely blessed by our time at the school,
and give thanks for the great privilege it is to pray for our schools and these
dear children who we know are very much on God’s heart.


a group we had a stall at the Upper Halliford Fun Day on Bank Holiday Monday to
raise money to purchase the books we donate to many of our infant and junior
schools. We had a most successful time in that we sold out within a few
hours! However, even more pleasurable for us was the opportunity to meet
many families with children who attend the schools we pray for, so we were able
to explain about our group as well as inform them about the books. It is
such a joy to actually meet those whom we pray for and for them to know they
are prayed for regularly.


a faithful God we have! This statement was greatly emphasised at our final
meeting of the academic year when we received the bill for the two Scripture
Union publications we donate to several of our infant and junior schools during
the summer term – ‘It’s Your Next Step’ for the incoming Reception Year
children and ‘It’s Your Move’for the current Y6 pupils as they contemplate
their move to Senior School. We were £200 short to meet the bill, yet
throughout the day of our meeting the money amazingly, indeed miraculously,
came in! Sometimes God delivers at the 11th hour –
nerve-racking for us yet it teaches us to trust more and leave things in His
very capable hands, knowing He is working His perfect purposes out for the very

are some of the very grateful recipients of the books for their schools:

Ashford C.E. Primary School

were greatly encouraged to receive the following from the Head Teacher of the school:

“Thank you for
the amazing support to our school this year. The books are so welcome and your
prayer is strengthening. I look forward
to working with you again in the school year ahead.”

Beauclerc Infant & Nursery School in Sunbury

Chennestone Primary School in Sunbury
Littleton C.E. Primary School
Saxon Primary School
Springfield Junior School
St. Ignatius R.C. Junior School


was our great joy and privilege to be invited to attend a Thanksgiving Service
at Christchurch in Virginia Water on 1st July as East to West
celebrated 20 years of working with children, young people and families in our
area (more info www.easttowest.org.uk). Sally attended on behalf of the group and

“I had a lovely
afternoon at East to West’s 20 year celebration and it was a real
privilege to represent our group. One Relational Support Worker said to me
“We like you”. It was lovely to see how God has been at work through this
organisation, making such a difference to so many young people, and how,
through this organisation and those involved, they have not only helped others
encounter God but have been encouraged and grown in their faith and continued
faithfully in their journey. Rev. Tim
Rose, now at St. Mary Magdalene Church, Littleton, came along to East to West as
a youth trainee and look where he is today ! He not only helped others
encounter God on their journeys in life through East to West but was encouraged
on his journey too. They really appreciate us and our prayer group, and think
we are lovely and the best! Without prayer back up they would not have made the
difference to so many young people’s lives and be where they are today, still
20 years on impacting on young people lives and enabling young people to
encounter & discover God. Therefore,
let us continue to play our part in making a difference and being part of the
powerhouse behind this amazing organisation.”


the end of term I received the following from a teacher who has become a great
friend of the group – Ros McMorrin who has now left Manor Mead School in Shepperton after 18 years where she has played a massive role in developing the school and making it into the amazing place it is now. Ros was
one of our ‘original’ prayer contacts and has been very faithful to the group –
some of us even attended her wedding service!

you so very much for my beautiful flower card; it was such a wonderful surprise
and a very thoughtful act of kindness. I have felt it a real honour to know
such prayerful ladies faithfully praying for their local schools- our schools
are so much better because of your faithfulness and the Jesus seeds you have
planted have been amazing for both the children, their families and staff. Many
many thanks and may Jesus continue to bless all that you do. X”.

These comments mean a great deal to the group,
confirming that we are being obedient to what God is calling us to do and they have definitely served to spur us
on as we continue to battle
in prayer for the children and young people in our area.

wish all our readers a beneficial restful and refreshing summer break and we look
forward to sharing with you again in the autumn.

Val Edwards,
Prayer Group Co-ordinator.